Pos system Vangard Touch

Point of sale system "Vanguard"

"Vanguard" point of sale system is a professional all-in-one solution for retail business management. Its assembly and adjustment can be handled by every customer, without the services of a IT expert, and with guarantee for the highest technological experience.

The range of specially selected hardware components, at attractive and affordable prices,  allow with a  minimum investment to achieve results that surpass even the expensive POS systems. The selection in advance and the adjustment of the system, eliminates the need for a trained technician and thus reduces the cost of implementation.

The preliminary installed POS software solution allows immediate start on site, without waiting and paying for additional services.

"Vanguard" point of sale system is suitable for shops, cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, car washes, clubs. The specifications of the computer ensures fast processing of sales and allows operation at very high load.



The point of sale system contains computer with pre-installed software applications, monitor, keyboard, mouse. All of the components are specially selected to perform fast work in a small and medium-sized companies. The "Vangaurd" system is ready for use and you can start working with it! 
The package contains a complete POS equipment suitable for fast and effective work in large, small and medium-sized retail outlets. You get a complete POS system Wincor Nixdorf wrapped in a convenient box and ready to use!



"POS sytem Vanguard Store"

Avangard Store

  • 1 х Computer HP Compaq 6305 Pro SFF  class А – refurbished
  • CPU: AMD A4 5300B 3400Mhz 
  • HDD: 250GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Ultra Slim Desktop
  • 1 x Windows 10 Home
  • 1 х 17“ monitor
  • 1 х Microinvest Warehouse Pro
  • 1 х Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light
  • 1 х Mouse - new;
  • 1 х Keyboard - new;   

End user price for "Vanguard Store":

279 EUR     

ОпцииPeople choose and add to their POS system "Vanguard Store" also: 


  • Upgrade of the system with SSD hard disk (80GB SATA): + 20 EUR
  • Barcode scanner 3Logic 26 (new): + 69 EUR
  • Wireless barcode scanner 3Logic (new): + 79 EUR
  • Programmable POS keyboard 3 Logic with magnetic card reader (new): + 39 EUR
  • Termoprinter 3Logic: + 69 EUR
  • Cash register or fiscal printer - deppends on the local market



"POS system Vanguard Touch"

Авангард Touch


1 х Computer Beetle S II plus G1 class А - refurbished

          Intel Dual-Core E2140 1600MHz 1MB LGA775
          2GB DDR2
          250GB 2,5” SATA;
          USB port: 4/4; RS232: 1/3; 2xPCI

  • 1 х Windows 10
  • 1 х Monitor 15” Capacitive POS Тouchscreen BA83

          Size: 15“
          Resolution: 1024х768; 60Hz
          Interface: Powered USB, USB 2.0; DVI-I (DVI+VGA)

  • 1 x Customer display

          2 х 20 characters (digits and letters
          USB interface
          Support of 15 code tables

  • 1 x POS printer – TH320 Thermal Printer

          Support of 15 code tables
          2 pinters in 1 case
          - Termal printer – printing density - 203 dpi, 56 printing columns
          - Matrix printer – 3 layer paper, 51printing columns

  • 1 х Barcode Scanner  Symbol 2208

          100 scans per second
          Drop and impact resistance 
          Max scanning resistance –  15 - 76 cm

  • 1 х Removable and stationary safe

          Stationary safe – Electronic and mechanical locking; Opportunity for stable mounting
          Removable coin part - Suitable for insertion into the stationary safe and joint opening

  • 1 х POS system Stand - Space Pole

         Internal and external cable channels
         360 degrees horizontal movement
         180 degrees vertical movement

  • 1 х Magnetic Card Reader

          Read three ISO tracks simultaneously
          Programmable reader with preset instructions

  • 1 х Microinvest Warehouse Pro
  • 1 х Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

Package Price   

"Vanguard Touch":

599 EUR     

NEW! For a limited time Microinvest offers the possibility to upgrade your system "Vanguard" by selecting computer configuration with SSD drive. Configuration with SSD will provide accelerated startup extremely fast searching for files, instant boot-applications, sophisticated versatility, reduced power consumption, faster processing of video images, better resistance to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Computer HP Compaq Elite 8000USDT - refurbished, class А

HP Compaq Elite 8000USDT

CPU: Intel Celeron Dual-Core E3300 2500Mhz 1MB

RAM: 2048Mb So-Dimm DDR3


LAN: Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet



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