Wireless Waiter Call Button System


Microinvest presents to your attention a modern call button system, which provides fast and efficient customer service in restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, fast food, banks, hotels and medical centers.

Its main purpose is to allow optimal staff workload and increase customer satisfaction, which can rely on accurate service without delay and in moments when it is needed.

Have you ever been in a situation that you are ready to take your order in a restaurant but can't find the waiter or waitress anywhere? The wireless attendant or server call paging system can solve your problem.

Wireless fluid system is widely used in the service area. It includes the call button for guests to use and the signal receiver for waiters to use . When the guest is in need, he or she just presses the button near him or her, his or her desk number will be displayed in the music or watch pager warning voice. Therefore, the waiter can provide very timely service.

The system includes a panel with LED display for receiving signals and wireless call button for the staff that can be positioned at tables in the restaurant, in the kitchen or be installed on a wall. Each press of the button sends a remote signal visualization on a dedicated board where service personnel can at a glance track which table needs his attention. Practical and easily, without extra cables and complicated settings, the system could be ready for use within a few minutes.


We offer you a complete system, providing the necessary equipment, initial setup and excellent support.


The wireless call button system includes wireless button and wireless receiver for visualisation of all calls. The specifics of the each part are as follows:


  • Wireless one-button pager 3Logic

The button has a contemporary design, ultra thin ease to use, practically requires no installation, additional consumables and maintenance is extremely easy.

Безжичен бутон за повикване 3Logic


Price: 18 EUR за 1 piece*

*the price is without VAT 


  • Category: wireless receiver
  • Frequency range: 433 Mhz
  • Call distance: approx. 100m
  • Power Supply: alkaline battery 12V type 23A, duration 12 months 
  • Size: ≈ Ø 60 x 13 мм
  • Material:pvc


  • Pictograms bell button and function call;
  • Backlit with red LED-indicator is switched on by pressing the button;
  • Secured a stable relationship with all host plants call iBells;
  • No installation and initial preparations.


  • Wireless Receiver 3Logic

Display for visualization of clients' cals with a built-in antenna module for signal amplification. Can be placed on a horizontal surface or mounted on the wall.

Табло за визуализация на повикванията 3Logic      Price: 89 EUR for 1 piece*

*The price is without VAT


  • Category: wireless receiver
  • Display: visualization of letter and digit symbols from 01 to 99 and ABCDEFHP
  • Sound: 12 melodies
  • Frequency range: 433 Mhz
  • Range: approx.100m
  • Power Supply: from the network with adapter AC220V/50HZ-DC12V/1A
  • Size: ≈ 240х140х35 мм 



  • Registred number can not be register again, avoid repeated registration to the same number.
  • English letter beginning display: A,B,C,D,E,F,H,P,L,J
  • Call button capability: 99 
  • Prompt modes: Dingdong, Alarming sound, voice report         
  • Display 3 groups of double-digit number at the same time



  • Mobile Host (Watch Receiver) 3Logic

Часовник – пейджър за получаване на повиквания 3Logic

 Price: 59 EUR per 1 piece*

*The price is without VAT



  • Direct receiving call signal, do not need other host or control center
  • With prompt manner of ringing and vibration
  • Display a group of three-digit and store 10 numbers and scrolling display
  • With sleep function, the power consumption to a minimum
  • Sound: ringtone or vibration
  • Size: 55*45*18mm


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